Chaper One

In a land, full of grass, Steve was looking for some caves to mine in.

He spent the day searching, and searching, and searc hing.

He found no caves.

The following night, he found 2 Spider Jockies.

Steve noticed something.

An Enderman, whom's color, was white.

The rare Enderman just stood there.

Steve looked at it, nothing happened.

"What an odd type of Enderman." Steve said.

He went chasing for it, not noticing that the rare Enderman was Herobrine's other brother.

Who knew Herobrine was Enderborn?

In a flash of lightning, a figure stood there.

His eyes were white as Diamonds, and his T is like the sea.

Steve stood there, too scared to move. A creeper hissed at him, Steve had to move!

Steve quickly went home, hiding under his bed covers.

"Hey, bro." said the White Enderman.

"You SHOULD attack those humans." said Herobrine.

"He wasn't causing any trouble, was he?" said the White Enderman.

"No, I suppose not. But it's in our blood. Besides, he looked at you, you're an Enderman!" said Herobrine.

"Well...." said the White Enderman nervously.

Sweat began to fall from the White Enderman.

"The sun is starting to rise. Let's get back home, Caster." said Herobrine.

As the sun began to rise, the Myths (their group) ran back to their dungeon-home.

Steve walked out in a hurry to tell the folks what happened.

"There's no such thing as a White Enderman."

"They were extinct!"

"The Black And White Enderman is rarer."

The folks didn't belive Steve.

Steve went home with rage.

"Why didn't they belive me?" Steve asked himself.

"Wait.... Black And White Enderman?"

Steve made a group called the Mythbusters.

He made Diamond Armor.

He's gonna look for the Black And White Enderman.

"There's 3 types of Endermen in total." said Steve.

"And I'm hunting them down."

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