This is a fanfiction that is not actually canon in minecraft.  I just wanted to make Bonecient awesome by making him fight a lot of powerful dudes and killing those dudes.  The Languase bonecient normally speaks is translated into english.  And apparently everyone in the story can understand his language, for some reason.  Seriously, why does bonecient wanna prevent people from getting the Armageddon Shovel? It's just an overpowered shovel that is more useful for combat! Ah, whatever.  Enjoy the story.


Bonecient: "Only Three strongholds per world.  That's easily stupid by itself.  But the fact that the rulers are stronger than anyone and think they can order around anyone they EVER want is even more stupid than a beacon not being able to generate harmful effects.  I WILL prove that even the rulers are NOT immortal, and that even a ghost can die.  AND NOT EVEN JEB CAN STOP ME."  

These were the words that were spoken by Bonecient that began the entire story.

Chapter 1: Slugs are Slow!

Bonecient: "Yo Iron stupidity! You just got slashed!"

Bonecient Killed an iron slug in one slash from his venomblade. He also slashed through a SWARM of Iron Slugs and Pig-Trons with ease.

Bonecient: "Give me a challenge already! All that was TOO EASY! Barley even hard! BA DUM TISS!"

Then, a corrupted zombie pigman swarm tried to attack bonecient and would meet an arrow from one of his two emerald bows.

Bilarous: "Yo! Stupid!"

A four-armed enderman named Bilarous came out of nowhere and tried to punch bonecient in the face, but Bonecient slashed bilarous first.

Bilarous: "Seems you are less stupid than I thought! Name's Bilarous, and I'll come back for you later!

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