Thjen (pronounced SHEN) is a large-sized galaxy that holds trillions and trillions of stars and planets. It is approximately 900,000 light-years from the Local Group (a group of galaxies - where the Milkey Way is located). It's galactic core is particularly larger than most other galactic cores, surrounded by clustered stars. Few planets in Thjen have been located and fully identified, but a third of the total planets bear the cruel marks of Kronnos, thus most solar systems are devoid of life. Most only contain simple life-forms, and three identified space-faring empires have been sighted.


Length - 700 light-years

Width - 300 light-years

Height - 21 light-years

Star count - approx. 11 trillion

Planet count - approx. 49 trillion

Animal count (how many different species) - 10,000

Plant count - 34,500


Vergo Star System

Darna Star System

  • Fren (Star)
  • Ovesi
  • Ech'bel

Cheyer Star System

  • Keules (Star)
  • Dynard
  • Crool
  • Jhak
  • Grutd
  • Leyer

Nyeru Star System

  • Herlom (Star)
  • Harlur
  • Jerlo
  • Flar-1
  • Flar-2

Sharla Star System

  • Rayna (Star)
  • Alda
  • Carra
  • Pratzel

Gyero Star System

  • Gya-1 (Star)
  • Gya-2 (Star)
  • Jarlo
  • Buya
  • Layta

Meina Star System

  • Cer'or (Star)
  • Valdey
  • Merlo
  • Neina


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