Locked Chest


A Thunderchest is a special type of storage that is crafted with a ring of redstone and a Block of Gold in the very center and a diamond at the bottom middle. It is optional to use it as a storage system for collecting Lightning Fragments by placing it next to a Lightning Catcher or a storage unit for Quantum by putting it next to a Time Distorter.


Thunderchests are the only kind of chest that can store Lightning Fragments. Normal chests cannot, and if attempted to do so, the chest explodes. Plasma and Quantum can also be placed in Thunderchests. Without it next to a Lightning Catcher, the fragments are dropped on the ground and may despawn before the Player can reach them, thus bringing the need to set up a Thunderchest with a Lightning Catcher if the Player cannot be near it to collect drops and they are busy with something else during a thunderstorm.

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