Note that this does not exist in Minecraft; it was written purely as a fiction article.
Tiger Heart

Tiger's Roar.

Tiger's Roar is an ancient creeper that lived before Herobrine came. He had unusualy long claws and a burning desire for control of the forests. He was ambitious and crafty, and quick to react. He is half-brother to Stormy Sky.

Some people think that Tiger's Roar is some sort of deformed Oblivion Creeper that originated from an Oblivion Timeline, which was swapped out with real events by a gang of Oblivion creepers themselves in partnership with The Monster.


Tiger's Roar was refferenced in several ancient scrolls as "An evil scourge who would do anything to get what he wanted". In his childhood, he never met his half-brother Stormy Sky. Later on, he tried to convince him to join his plot to take down the current leader, but he refused. He was part of the two and only groups of monsters; creepers and spiders. He was among the highest ranks and wanted to be the main leader, However at that time Cloudy Night took that place.

Tiger's Roar, along with Gator's Rage, Night's Shadow, and Sun Claw, rose up against Cloudy Night in attempt to take leadership. All Tiger's Roar wanted to do was lead them into battles. Cloudy Night, however, was able to drive them out and Tiger's Roar died a year after Herobrine came.