Time Distorter

Time Distorter; it is always on the "on" state

Time Distorters are mechanical items that are used to generate a time field to access Quantum. It is a retextured Redstone Repeater. It is crafted with the same recipe as the Redstone Repeater, but instead, the redstone is replaced with Sapphires.


Time Distorters only work when it is night. When one is placed, it will have to charge up using moonlight for about 10 minutes. If the Time Distorter charges up all the way, it will generate a field of 6x6 blocks that has a blue tint and time is slowed. If the Player mines a block in it (which mining speed is also slowed), there is a 2% chance that a piece of Quantum will pop out and will be stored in a Thunderchest (if any are next to the Time Distorter). If there is no nearby Thunderchest, then the Quantum is dropped on the ground. The easier way to obtain Quantum in a Creative server is to simply select them out of the Creative Inventory. There is only one piece of Quantum that will pop out.

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