"Epicfa- er, Epicwin, Have you been having those nightmares?" I said. I am Tini, a Male Minecrafter with a blue Victini Skin. EF said "They were about the End. I get calls CONSTANTLY about them.". I said " Well, I accidentally Looked at the Eyes of an Enderman while I was getting out of bed. I only had my Stone Sword on me. I don't think I would be living If I Never had that Stone Armor on. And I killed the Enderman. After so, it dropped an Ender Pearl. I had to eat a TON of apples." Now all the armor I have left are my Stone Helmet and my stone Shoulderpads.

Chapter 1: Iron Mining

I decided I go into my mine to get Iron. When suddeny, I discover an abandoned mineshaft, and I kill a cave spider! I was like "Sweet, now I get to craft a Bow!" I then placed a torch on the cave spider spawner. Then I raided a chest that had a Diamond bow, 10 Iron ingots, and a Level 1 Silver Apple. I decided to craft an Iron pick, an Iron sword, an Iron Shovel, and an Iron Axe.


I went home, only to be attacked by a Spread 1 Skeleton! a Spread 1 Skeleton is a skeleton that can fire an arrow straight AND fire a V-arrow shot at the same time! I killed it with my Iron Sword, and took an arrow to the arm at the same time! It dropped 5 arrows as it died. AND my health leveled up, from 10 hearts (20 HP), to 14 hearts (28 HP)! My health reovery speed also went up. I could recover 1.5 hearts (3 HP) per second! That is FAST!

Chapter 3: DIAMONDS!

"How did that thing get in here?" I thought. I decided to mine and find the solution. When I found a cave and mined up Diamond and Lapis, I saw A SKELETON PLUS SPIDER DUNGEON! I went in, fought 2 spider jockeys, and torched the spawners. So THAT was the reason why the Spread 1 Skeleton was up in my house! I raded the chest, got some gunpowder, a level 2 Golden Apple, and Cocoa Beans. But why that chapter name? Because I found a Daimond cluster containing 45 Diamonds! I crafted Diamond armor, Diamond blocks, and Diamond Tools! I also went in the cave to mine up some Obsidian. Not too long.


I decided to make a Flint And Steel, A Nether Portal, Decorate the portal, and get ready for the Nether. I know this was a short book, but I was kinda lazy. Stay tuned for my NEXT book, "Into The Nether".

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