Note that this does not exist in Minecraft; it was written purely as a fiction article.

Toxic Creepers are
Toxic Creeper Remake

Toxic Creeper

a rare variation of their green-coloured cousins. They are among some of the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft, first being the Enderdragon. They are unpredictable and will appear without warning seemingly out of nowhere. They are less dangerous than a Fire Creeper but are stronger than other mobs.


Toxic Creepers will show up long enough to deliver a nasty poison to their target; their venom is equally as strong as a Cave Spider's, but lasts longer. To poison their enemies, they jump on their backs and seem to "kick" their target, then leap off and run to cover. How they inject their venom is highly unknown, but miners guess that there are glands on their feet that produce the venom and rub it off on their targets. The stripes on their body will glow brightly when ready to deliver its poison. This can make Toxic Creepers a challenge to fight when low in health.


Toxic Creepers are easily distracted and will attack all other mobs within 30 blocks away, making them easy to fight when at night. Toxic Creepers also have the inability to swim, so pushing one in water at least three blocks deep will kill them within seconds. Also, the only two mobs they don't attack are Wolves/dogs and Ocelots/cats, making your pets usefull for driving off a Toxic Creeper without being harmed.


Although Toxic Creepers can be seen in many places, one biome they are found in the most are Deeserts, usually searching for food. They are found in groups of 4-7 and ignore miners most of the time, unless at night. They can be seen wandering far in a single direction without stopping, as if they were searching for food. Caution is advised when approaching a Toxic Creeper pack, as you are outnumbered.


Toxic Creepers can be a pain since they can appear anywhere and anytime, but following these tips should ease your worries:

  • Always have at least 3 or 4 dogs following you in case a Toxic Creeper ambushes you.
  • When poisoned, drink milk to cure it, then find the Toxic Creeper and fight it. They won't poison you twice in a row.
  • Remember that armor does not affect whether you receive poison damage or not.
  • If you see a lone Toxic Creeper in the day, push it near the closest body of water to drown it.