Note that this does not exist in Minecraft; it was written purely as a fiction article.

Underground Creepers are a common sight to all miners and aren't much
Underground Creeper Remake

Underground Creeper

different than their green-coloured cousins. They are considered one of the weakest mobs in Minecraft for many reasons, although they share an unusual, and sometimes annoying, ability to tunnel underground.


Underground Creepers aren't much of a fight to put up with; they cannot jump, swim, or explode, however they do posses the unique ability to tunnel through dirt, stone, and ores. They pose no threat to miners and will not attack them unless they are attacked. Even so, they have little power and can easily be dispatched. Their only real threat is to underground structures; they will be able to tunnel right through anything, causing damage that can be difficult to fix. When under a light level of 11 or higher, they catch fire.


Underground Creepers have a lot of health and need 10 blows from a Diamond Sword to defeat, making them annoying when a miner isn't armed with weapons.


Because of their weakness to light, water, doubled fall damage, and inabilities to jump, swim, AND explode makes them a rather easy target for miners who are preying on monsters. Other than their high health, they are considered one of the easiest targets for beginning miners.


Underground Creepers will be found anywhere below Y=40 in groups of 5, thus making them very common and easy to locate. They spawn in even larger groups when between Y=20 and Y=5, and will increase by 3, making them useful to pinpoint where diamonds could be. The dark brown star will glow and give off light when they see a miner, but they cannot be killed when being exposed to their self-generated light.


Not much is needed for a miner to dispatch these creepers, but dealing with damage done to underground structures can be avoided by following these tips:

  • Because of their inability to jump, setting up a pressure plate connected by four pistons will trap one easily.
  • Surrounding underground structures with 3 block deep rivers will drown any nearby Underground Creepers since they cannot jump or swim over it.
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Will blow up, possibly exploding 15 dirt around you, for its brothers to kill you