Males and Females

Valdors are mammal-like mobs that are found in Kappazan territories (Africa). They very, very rarely spawn in Jungles. They are known to cooperate with Griffins (the lead species of Kappaz), but usually fight everything else.


Valdors are bulky mammals that like to use their body in a fight; they can take down a player by tackling them or ramming them, like a goat. Females tend to ram rather than charge. Both genders of Valdor can deal a stunning amount of damage in very little time. If they successfully knock the player down, they automatically take 4 <3 from the fall and 2 <3 from contact with the charge. A swipe of their claws does 2 1/2 <3 (this is strongly affected by armor) and sometimes they will try to bite their target's neck while they are down. The longer they hold on, the more damage they will take. They have 40 <3 and have 5 armor points, making it hard to deal any sufficient damage. When a female is killed, any nearby males will automatically turn hostile to the Player. Males drop 1-3 bones and females drop nothing. 20 orbs of XP is gained per kill.


Valdors are a highly endangered species, and due to this, it is nearly impossible to find one. They are rare, even in Kappazan territory. In a Taiga, they have a 0.0000000000183% chance of spawning every 20 x 20 area, and 0.0092% for every 5 x 5 area in Kappaz.


  • Valdors are commonly thought to not exist since they are such in high risk of extinction; only 300 are left worldwide and are sadly hunted at an alarming rate; thus it is not unusual to see Valdors fighting hunters or trappers in Taigas and Kappaz alike.

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