Note that this does not exist in Minecraft; it was written purely as a fictions article.

Velvet Streak is an ancient creeper that lived before Herobrine
Velvet streak

Velvet Streak.

came. She was sisters with Eagle's Talon. Although she has a similar pattern to Tiger's Roar, she is not in his family line and the two never knew each other.


Velvet Streak and Eagle's Talon did everything together. Her father and mother are unknown. She was refferenced in scrolls as "a pure of heart...who tried to do her best". Her cousin is Sun Claw, however they never met each other. Velvet Streak weasled out of most of the battles for fear that she would get hurt.

Velvet Streak died about three weeks before Herobrine came, but Eagle's Talon lived to see him.

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