Vengence is a fictional boss mob in minecraft.


Vengence is one of the more complicated bosses in redblock- she has no distinct appearance or mob type. Be weary around in caves- this is where you are most likely able to find her. Though Vengence comes up occasionaly to hunt for minor mobs. You have never truly killed vengence until she has died under all her forms including her main form... You must defeat vengence in order to kill The Ghost.


Red Head Creeper

Gunpowder, Creeper Amulet


Bone, Bow, Arrow, Skeleton Amulet


Diamond, [sword], Hero Amulet


Tooth, Gold, Dragonbane, Draconian Amulet


Heroblade, Ghostly Gem, Boss Key


Vengance has a wraith-like appearance and carries a scythe in her left hand with a sword in the other.Once vengence is dead, you will earn her drops and continue through the boss portal.

To get to Vengence, you must defeat all of her mob forms.

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