Vicious creeper

Vicious Creeper

Vicious Creepers are very hostile hybrid mobs that pose as the most dangerous non-boss in the game. They were bred from a Ghost Creeper and a Red Head Creeper.

Some people think that they are actually the Oblivion Timeline version of some sort of creeper, but this is unlikely since the only breed of creeper ever seen in OTs are Oblivion Creepers.


Vicious Creepers can see mobs from 200 blocks away, which is twice the sight range as a Ghast. They will attack ANY mob, no matter what. they have 80 <3 and will relentlessly attack all in their sight range. Their attacks deal 6 <3 each no matter the difficulty. When killed, they drop 10 XP orbs and 2-4 Cursed Helmets.


Vicious Creepers will spawn in the air, however they cannot fly and will fall, but cannot take fall damage like chickens.

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