Vytl (VEE-dull) are strange, fishlike floating mobs that are very randomly spawned. They have no legs, and appear to be "swimming" while mid-air. They move their tail like a dolphin (vertically) faster or slower depending on how fast they are moving. They have a high-pitched squeal that resembles a mouce or rat.


Vytl are sort of their own type called Omnivior (Omnicient Behavior). Their patterns of behavior is completely random, sometimes being permanently hostile or as docile as a pig. When aggressive, they can be very dangerous.


Vytl that spawn passive simply float around and squeak sometimes. They are difficult to interract with, and it is impossible to fight them without a Spirit Scythe. They cry somewhat like a ghast when hurt and fly up to around 140 blocks until stopping and returning calm.


Vytl that spawn neutral have the same docile behavior, but when hit or attempted to be hit, they hiss and throw transparent, lavender orbs that create a minor explosion upon contact. The orb itself does not do a lot of damage (1 <3), but the explosion can break anything expect Bedrock, making it difficult to evade.


Vytl that spawn hostile never remain hostile for long. They have the same behavior as a provoked Neutral variation, but the orbs are red and deal slightly more damage (1 1/2 <3). They drop 0-3 Vytl Mist.


Vytl have randomizes spawning rates, ranging from grasslands to deserts and mountains with 6x6 of 30%, 2x2 of 13%, 9x9 of 48%, 12x12 of 65%, and 40x40 of 84%. One of the spawn rates is chosen randomly every 6 seconds.

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