This is a non-fictional time period that started in 2013 and ended in (No end date)



Starter:Skairomun of the Herobrinians

Ender: (No end yet)

Against: Redblock

Allies of Herobrinians: Netherans, Scourgans

Allies of Redblockians: Paradoxians, The Undead Army

Neutral: Myceliuns

Battle 1: Battle of Outpost Furia

Winner: Herobrinians

Battle 2: Ender Battle

Winner: Redblockians

Battle 3: Secret Of The Stronghold

Winner: Herobrinians

Battle 4: The Withers of The End

Winner: Redblockions

The Redblockians and one rebel Herobrinian become allies to take on Scourge

Battle 5: Search for Scourge


The first war that has been noted to happen between the redblockians and the herobrinians. This is also a civil war, because much of the redblockians are shapeshifters or have Herobrinian faith.

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