Note that this does not exist in Minecraft; It was written purely as a fiction article.

Weazile (pronounced wee-ZILE) is a highly agressive

A Weazile.

mob found in flat, snowy biomes. They are particularly rare and make scoffing sounds. They will attack anything within a 36-block range, including monsters.


Weazile will drop down on all fours and creep up on monsters, making no sound similar to a creeper. Then they stand up and charge, dealing a huge 5 <3, killing most animals in just one hit. They charge straight at passive animals and Endermen. When they see the player, they will creep up on them and treat them as a monster, but they only deal 2 1/2 <3.


Weazile are found in flat, snowy biomes at day and night. usually alone.

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