Note that this does not exist in Minecraft; it was written purely as a fiction article.

A Whale.

Whales are one of the biggest mobs in Minecraft, even bigger than the Ender Dragon and first being Blue Thunder. They are a passive mob and are rarely seen because of their great need of space. They have a total of 70 health (x35 hearts). If spawn out of water it stills live but it cannot move like Dolphin.
Whale 2

Whale and her calf


Whale (underneath of it)


Whales will not attack any mobs (despite their killer whale pattern) and ignore things that are attacking them. They can actually eat the player, but they will blow them right back out from the hole on their back, sending them several yards above the water. They are very slow and only seen by themselves.


Whales need a very large amout of space to spawn, thus making them very rare. They are seen in deep seas alone in any light level.