This doesnt exist in minecraft.

Survival Stratagies

Wraithish Creeper
RemadeWraithish Creeper



Spawn Rate




The survival stratagies of a Wraithish Creeper is very peculiar. It will not despawn unlike normal mobs and you may always find it lurking in a graveyard. Having 40 health, this is just about as strong as an enderman. The Wraithish Creeper builds its own shack where ever it spawns.Unless you destroy the shack, the creeper will continuasly respawn in the shack. Their explosion radius is a 20x20, so you can use this mob to destroy other WCShacks.

Health Factor

Within a 3x3 radius, the creeper will kill you.

4x4: 1/2 <3

5x5: 2 <3



XP Farming

It is possible to make a Wraithish Creeper mob farm. First. it is recomended to get Gunpowder torches (the only torch that can stop Wraithish Creepers from spawning!) light a bunch of shacks up and then the rest is up to you!

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