Xao (pronounced ZIE-oh) is an infamous creeper dating back to when the ancient creepers were alive. He was known to hypnotize other creepers into doing what he wants and aged much slower than the other creepers.


Xao secretly watched from the shadows as the creepers multiplied in mass numbers. He wanted to live on his own, and so he would lead away the clueless creepers and put them into a trance that forces them to do what he wants. Among them were Black Jay, Yellow Fang, Frozen Ice, Iron Dust, Fire's Burst, Mountain Peak, Spider Leap, and Rain's Shadow. All ten creepers were trained in the midst of night in order to push against the growing numbers.

However, Xao had little time to do this, and was caught one day by one of the creepers. The word spread around quickly, and that night Xao and the other nine creepers fought against the others. Xao was quickly put to death, and the trance among the hypnotized creepers wore off. Sadly, Black Jay and Iron Dust were killed in the fight before they could be saved from their trance. It was about two months later when Herobrine came.

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