Yvesca (why-VES-ah) are large, lizardlike mobs that are often ridden by Ocirins, particularly in the fight with Axa. They have various neutral behavior patterns that, to some people, seem complicated. They are much bigger than the Player (3x longer, 2x taller).


Yvesca, when being ridden by an Ocirin, will immediatly turn hostile if the Player attacks their rider. They can charge at them, which has a small chance of throwing their rider off, or they can lash out with their head. If Yvesca are spawned alone, they are not initially hostile to the Player but do not let the Player ride them until they are tamed. Once tamed, they will follow the Player and they can be ridden. They are useful for fighting since they are able to bowl over practically any mob that is the size of The Player or smaller. While riding them, they can be controlled with the WSAD keys and they jump three blocks high. They have 35 <3 and will drop the saddle (they use the Ocirin Saddle) they wear if it was wearing it.


Yvesca tend to spawn around water sources on beaches. They are uncommon since they are usually with an Ocirin, so finding a lone one is a special treat.

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