Zaechins (pronounced ZAY-shin) are the mysterious tier above Sayoras.


Not much is known about Zaechins, other than they are the tier higher than Sayoras and they are immune to practically anything known to man, also spoken to be able to withstand the Pit of Hyuna. Ancient name being Skura, they are hardly heard of, some people thinking that they don't even exist. They are known to be extremely distorted, supposedly "fizzing" out of appearance like a broken communication signal. Unlike Sayoras, they are not gained upon death. According to rumor, if a Sayora is caught in BlackDown for at least a year, the corrupted aura shifts them into a Zaechin.

Only one Zaechin is known to man, and there are an estimated 70 more possibly living in another dimension. Zaechins are usually angelic, though they are sometimes mistook as Redblock bosses and therefore are refferenced as demonic. Even the identified Zaechin is highly mysterious, and many reports insist that it is a human-dragon-creeper cross that only appears at night under a new moon and will talk to you if you give it certain items. Others point out that the Zaechin does not interact with them, does not speak, does not interfere with other nightly mobs, and vanishes into thin air at unpredictable rates. Few even state that the Zaechin is a Wither.

Due to these sightings, it is concluded that Zaechins are shapeshifters, and according to legend, are always inbetween two different dimensions at the same time, supposedly explaining their "fizzing" appearance. They are not living nor dead, and their resident dimension is unknown.

Sightings for Zaechins

  • New breed of dragon?
  • Mysterious race?
  • Wither?
  • Unidentified mob?
  • Creeper variation?
  • Posessed human?

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