Note that this does not exist in Minecraft; it was written purely as a fiction article.

A Zap-Pulse.

Zap-Pulse (plural: Zap-Pulsairs) are a rare, electric-styled, swift hostile mob that are attracted to light, unlike other hostile monsters. They come out at night and their body will flash yellow. They are very fast and can sprint 1.7x faster than the player. They are slowed down by water a great deal and can be annoying due to their high speed. They emit a strange squeaking noise.


Zap-Pulse move so fast it can seem like they're teleporting. When they see the player (or cows) they sprint until they get to a close range, then will jump up and strike their target with a mini-lightning bolt, which deals about 2 to 5 <3. they have 15 <3 and tend to come out during thunderstorms. They will attack in small packs, which comes to show how dangerous they can be if the player is careless or unprepared. If they are struck by natural lightning, they will retain the same blue partical aura as a Charged Creeper, and their attacks double in power.


Zap-Pulse are drawn out when it is raining, usually in Jungle biomes or Taiga biomes. It is risky to put Glowstone or Jack O' Lanterns around, as they will follow light sources that have a brightness of 15 (excluding torches, which only have a brightness of 14).

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