Zecromoda is one of the strongest beings in the universe. His true form has been seen by only two humans- Ecuram and Emily Ferata . Zecromada has shown his true form to many deities, though. (*cough* Mainly Kronnos) Seeing the true form of Zecromoda as a mortal would cause them to either combust in flame or go insane due to the power of his aura. The affects of his aura being close to mortals cannot even be prevented by himself. As a deity, seeing Zecromoda's true form would cause them to fear the light of the sun, see hallucinations of Zecromoda, hear whispering sounds of his name, and wear away their sanity slowly. He is also Amaros's father.


Telekinesis- The power to move objects with your mind

Enhanced Telepathy- An enhanced version of telepathy, the power to send messages to others with your mind

Hydrokinesis- The power to move water with your mind

Enhanced spell-work- The ability to use any type of spell

Enhanced Mind-Melding- The enhanced version of Mind-Melding, giving him the ability to add memories, change them, change emotions, and remove memories

Shapeshifting- The ability to change forms

Perfect foresight- Foresight with perfect accuracy

Enhanced Mind Control- The enhanced ability to control somebody's mind

Purify- The ability to purify a corrupted being, making them angelic

Time-Bending- The ability to bend time and space, giving Zecromoda the ability to call the apocalypse

Enhanced Ressurection- The enhanced ability of ressurection, giving Zecromoda the ability to ressurect anybody no matter what

Pyrokinesis- The ability to move fire with your mind

Nigh Omnipotence- The power to create and destroy whatever he wishes


With the many powers of Zecromoda, most of which make him near-impossible to kill, he has but one weakness- eggs.

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