Zerin, also known as the Love Fox, is a strange, medium-sized canine-like boss mob that only appears on Valentine's Day. Her blue eyes and golden "boots" on her front legs shine as bright as glowstone, making her visible in caves. She only comes after defeating Scourge. Despite being a boss, the Player does not actually fight her.


Zerin has cutscenes when she appears.

(cutscene lines)

  • Zerin appears out of nowhere, in front of the Player*

The Player: Gah! What are you?!

Zerin: *talking in telepathy* Do not fear, young boy. For I come to bring you a message.

The Player: Young boy? I am a grown man!

Zerin: *lashes tail* I come from a crystal dimension, where time and space means nothing. I am to show you your future to be, if it is to be left as it is.

  • Zerin stomps the ground, and a whitish image appears above her head, morphing into strange scenes*

The Player: What the heck?

  • Scourge appears in the scene with a blackish teal dragon talking to him*

The Player: Wha--? I thought I killed him!

Zerin: Wrong. He simply escaped, but you certainly left a mark on him he won't forget. He is drastically weakened, but there is a tier of ghost that he has aquired.

The Player: Wait, there are such things that are stronger than ghosts?

Zerin: Yes, and there is also another tier after that. But the tier above ghosts are sayoras. They are aquired by the death of a ghost. But, if they are strong enough to do so, they morph into a sayora.

The Player: Wait, what the heck is a sayora?

Zerin: Ah, you have not heard of them. They are neither living nor dead, but they live in a separate dimension where they act as the living. They are immune to everything known to man, even Spirit Scythes. Nothing penatrates their extremely distorted aura. There are only eleven sayoras known to exist, but there is many more that you humans have not identified.

  • The blackish teal dragon in the white scene disappears*

The Player: So, basically sayoras are untouchable?

Zerin: Well...there is one way to kill them. It is the only way, sadly. Sayoras must be thrown in the Pit of Hyuna to die. Even when they are trapped in there, it takes weeks to kill them while they are in. Only one sayora has died falling in The Pit.

  • The scene disappears, and Zerin's body starts to fade*

The Player: Wait! What's happening?

Zerin: This is my warning, child. Be thankful for the knowledge I have shared with you.

  • Zerin disappears, leaving The Player alone*

(end of cutscene)

Even though the Player did not actually fight Zerin, he/she still gets 50,000 XP and two Spirit Scythes.

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